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HIV/AIDS Care Program

care and counsel to the HIS/AIDS victims

Holistic care has been the thrust of our HIV/AIDS program. Most HIV+/AIDS afflicted persons suffer not just the burden of illness but the pain of rejection by their families and society. YWAM has started a home care program and a hospice in Chennai to care for the sick and the dying.

At present, our home care program cares for 40 people. We counsel each person’s family, debunk the myths surrounding AIDS, and teach that love, care and good nutrition can bolster the health of the afflicted person. We advise HIV+/AIDS afflicted persons and encourage them to face life with a positive attitude. At present, we also have street HIV+ children growing up in our care.

Over 50 women dying of AIDS have spent their last days at our hospice. Besides care, we ensure that their last days are lived with dignity and peace. We have also performed over 100 burial services for those unclaimed by their families.